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Total Pediatrics Outpatient Therapy

Our occupational therapist has created a such a positive impact on our entire family. His knowledge, persistence, and patience with my children have allowed them to make developmental gains that have far exceeded my expectations. His positive outlook and willingness to explain strategies for me to use have been beneficial in helping my children feel successful at home and school. I feel very blessed to have Total Pediatrics by our side.

Tracy P.

Welcome to Total Pediatrics. Your search for quality, comprehensive pediatric therapy is over. We are fueled by your success and our team of highly skilled professionals is eager to work with your family to address your concerns. Our therapists are trained in strategies for:

  • Sensory Processing
  • Feeding (picky eating and problem feeding)
  • Listening Disorders
  • Developmental Delay
  • Handwriting Skills
  • Self-Care Skill Independence
  • Attention Deficits
  • Social Skill Deficits
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Perceptual Processing
  • Bilateral Motor Integration
  • Adaptive Equipment Training
  • Torticollis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Orthopedic/Sports Injuries
  • Stuttering
  • Lack of Verbal Communication
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Any Form of Behavioral Challenge

Toys…tools for therapy…or both?

To the naked eye, toys are toys. Take a look at the shelf in our therapy rooms at Total Pediatrics and you’ll wonder how, exactly, so many “toys” are used for “therapy”. Consider the dozens of aisles at your local big box store are decorated with bright colors, loud...

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Total Pediatrics Outpatient Therapy