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Total Pediatric Therapy

Total Pediatrics strives to define quality therapy. As our name implies, we offer the total package. Our therapists are not just therapists; they are the best at what they do. Your child’s health and development is not to be taken lightly. You’re picky about your doctor, why not your therapy team too? You are in control of your child’s development. We provide client-centered care. Our therapists are involved in continuing education programs far beyond what is mandated by state and national boards. Our therapists are passionate about multidisciplinary care, including nursing, nutritionists, and physicians in all decision-making. Our therapists are connected to quality professionals of other disciplines to ensure a thorough plan of care. Our therapists are equipped to utilize telehealth. Our therapists are committed to researching cutting-edge programs, yet equally skilled in tried-and-true traditional approaches to health and wellness.  At Total Pediatrics, you get the total pediatric package without sacrificing quality.