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Being a parent of a child with special needs is a rewarding adventure, but brings a whole new aspect to the parenting learning curve. You may feel alone and overwhelmed with questions about what’s best for your child and are unsure about where to turn. To ease your mind from wading through the seemingly endless amount of information on the internet, we did the heavy work for you and compiled a list of the 115 best websites for parents of children with special needs. From emotional support, parenting issues, the latest research, and product recommendations, these websites cover it all.


Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks

Autism Speaks is the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization that funds research, increases awareness, and advocates.  On their site you can read up on the latest research or check out their resource library for a wide range of recommendations.


Autism SocietyAutism Society

The Autism Society is the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization and works to improve the lives of those affected by Autism by increasing public awareness, advocating, and providing the latest information on all things Autism.


Parent Center HubParent Center Hub

The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) serves as a central resource of information and products to the community of Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and the Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs), so that they can focus their efforts on serving families of children with disabilities.


National Autism AssociationNational Autism Association

The National Autism Association is a parent-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Founded in 2003, NAA is a parent-run advocacy organization and the leading voice on urgent issues related to severe autism, regressive autism, autism safety, autism abuse, and crisis prevention.


Association for Science in Autism TreatmentASAT

This site provides comprehensive information and research on the wide range of autism treatment options.


The MightyThe Mighty

The Mighty is an online community that empowers people living with disability, disease, and mental illness to share their stories and support one another.


Parent to Parent USAParent to Parent

Parent to Parent USA provides emotional support to parents of children with special needs. They provide a one-to-one matching service where an experience support parent will partner with new parents to help them emotionally and assist them in finding information and resources.


Child Development InstituteChild Development Institute

The Child Development Institute provides information for parents on children’s development, as they want to enable children to reach their true potential for success and a rewarding life.


Child Mind InstituteChild Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute is an independent nonprofit providing support for children with mental health and learning disorders and their families. Their website provides information on common challenges faced by these families.


STAR Institute for Sensory Processing DisorderSTAR

The STAR Institute’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children, adolescents and adults with SPD, and their families. Their website provides comprehensive research and resources for parents.


Friendship CircleThe Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization working to provide every individual with special needs the support, friendship, and inclusion that they deserve. Their blog is a great up-to-date resource for parents.


Ability PathAbility Path

Ability Path is an online community bringing professionals and parents of children with special needs together for support through all stages of their children’s development.


Wrights LawWrightslaw

Wrights Law provides extensive information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. You can search by topic to find articles, book suggestions, and more, including actual cases.


National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability – for Youth (NCWD-Youth)NCWD

The NCWD-Youth assist with and provides the latest information on transitioning youth with disabilities into the workforce.


National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)NCHPAD

NCHPAD is the premier resource for information on physical activity, health promotion, and disability, serving persons with physical, sensory and cognitive disability across the lifespan. Their website features a variety of resources and services which can benefit all ages and populations.



Our-Kids brings together parents, caregivers, and those that work with children with special needs to create a special community of support and information sharing.


Asperger/Autism Network (AANE)AANE

The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) works to help people with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles build meaningful, connected lives. We do this by providing information, education, community, support, and advocacy, all in an atmosphere of validation and respect.


The Beach Center on DisabilityBeach Center on Disability

The Beach Center on Disability is a multidisciplinary research and training center run by the University of Kansas. They are committed to making a significant and sustainable positive difference in the quality of life of individuals and families affected by disability and the professionals who support them. They share the findings from their research and provide great resources for parents.



Abilities.com enlightens and entertains with articles, videos, contests and information on disability products, adaptive sports, assistive technology, community heroes, inclusive recreation and more!



This outstanding parenting site provides hundreds of definitive articles, resource directories, expert interviews and exclusive book reviews on parenting, adoption and children’s special needs.


Smart Kids with Learning DisabilitiesSmart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities aims to educate, guide and inspire parents of children with learning disabilities or ADHD and to help parents realize their children’s significant gifts and talents, and to show that with their love, guidance, and the right support, their children can live happy and productive lives.


Autism Internet Modules (AIM)AIM

AIM is designed to provide high-quality information and professional development for anyone who supports, instructs, works with, or lives with someone with autism, through the use of internet modules an individual can work through online.


Wonder BabyWonder Baby

WonderBaby.org, a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with visual impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you’ll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they’ve learned about playing with and teaching a blind child, as well as links to meaningful resources and ways to connect with other families.


Different RoadsDifferent Roads

Different Roads to Learning was founded by mom and entrepreneur, Julie Azuma. When her daughter was diagnosed with autism, Julie became aware of just how hard it was to find the right teaching tools for her daughter. Determined to fill this void, Julie hoped to help other struggling families by hand picking the best autism intervention products available and offering them in one place. On this site you will find products and also expert articles on all kinds of parenting topics.


Easy StandEasyStand

Our goal at the EasyStand Blog is to communicate to you what we stand for, whether it is about standing, disability, or just topics that we care about. We want to encourage interaction with our many circles of contacts – suppliers, clinicians, consumers, and their families.


Children’s Disabilities InformationChildren's Disabilities Information

This website was created by parents of a child with special needs to help other parents of children with special needs, with articles on topics that they have found to be helpful over the past 20 years. The Children’s Disabilities Information website has a special focus on the special needs of preemies and young adoptees.



For the first time ever, 15 nonprofit organizations have joined forces to support parents of the one in five children with learning and attention issues throughout their journey.  With state-of-the-art technology, personalized resources, free daily access to experts, a secure online community, practical tips and more, Understood aims to be the support parents need to help children unlock their strengths and reach their full potential.


The Parent’s Place of MarylandThe Parent's Place of Maryland

The Parents’ Place is a Maryland nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and parent center that helps families of children with disabilities and special health care needs throughout Maryland. Their online resources provide a great wealth of information for parents.


Raising Special KidsRaising Special Kids

Raising Special Kids is a non-profit organization that provides support and information for parents of children, from birth to age 26, with a full range of disabilities and special health care needs.


Support for Families of Children with Disabilities (SFCD)Support for Families of Children with Disabiliteis

SFCD is a parent-run nonprofit organization that supports families of children with disabilities or special health care need as they face challenges. Their website provides families of children with disabilities with the information, resources and support they need to make informed choices for their children.


National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education (NAPCSE)NAPCSE

NAPCSE is a national membership organization dedicated to rendering all possible support and assistance to parents whose children receive special education services, both in and outside of school. NAPCSE was founded for parents with children with special needs to promote a sense of community and provide a national forum for their ideas.


Thinking Person’s Guide to AutismThinking Person's Guide to Autism

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (TPGA) is a one-stop source for carefully curated, evidence-based information from autism parents, autistics, and autism professionals. The goal of TPGA is to help you fast-forward past society’s rampant autism fabrications and negativity, by providing clear, thoughtfully presented, balanced, and referenced information.


The Coffee KlatchThe Coffee Klatch

The Coffee Klatch is a morning radio show and a virtual cup of coffee for parents of children with special needs to support each other and exchange information.




Answers4Families seek to provide support and reliable information for families of children with special needs.


Parenting Special Needsparenting special needs

Parenting Special Needs  is an online magazine providing parents of children with special needs of all ages and stages of life, both information and inspiration. They share practical tips, life’s lessons, while tackling the challenges and celebrating the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts.


Autism Support NetworkAutism support network

The Autism Support Network is designed as a place by those living with ASD for those with ASD and those seeking social connection, peer guidance and a feeling of community with those that understand.


Speech DelaySpeech Delay

A licensed and certified speech-language pathologist created this website to provide information to parents, teachers, etc. of children with language and speech delays.



BrainLine is a national multimedia project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI.


Special Needs Resource ProjectSNRP

Special Needs Resource Project (SNRP) provides a basic guide for parents of children with chronic health issues, disabilities and special needs. This site is designed to help you get a jump-start in your search for helpful information and resources.


Abled BodyAbled Body

Abled Body is a news and media website for families of and individuals with disabilities. They focus on assistive and emerging technologies, but you can also find lots of articles about lifestyle, design, and work life.


Support for Special NeedsSupportforSpecialNeeds

Support for Special Needs is an online community for advocates and caregivers to share information and support one another.


Special Needs JungleSpecial Needs Jungle

Special Needs Jungle provides easy to understand resources for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. They aim to deliver the tools needed to empower parents and caregivers to self-advocate so their children can live the best possible life.



Kid CompanionsKid Companions

Kid Companions is run by a mother and grandmother of special needs children who want special kids to be themselves and thrive. In addition to providing products to help sensory challenged children, their blog is run by a former teacher and grandmother of special needs children and full of great information for parents.


The Shut-Down LearnerThe Shut Down Learner

Dr. Selznick and his team at t=The Shut-Down Learner offer years of experience and practical advice. They strive to provide clear, jargon-free, down-to-earth  perspectives on dyslexia, reading/learning issues and related topics such as ADHD/ADD and other school-based problems.  This website offers access to teleseminars, blog posts and other material.


Not AloneNot Alone

Not Alone is run by parents of children with special needs who rely on their faith for strength in their journey and pass along the comfort it has brought them to other parents looking for support.


America’s Special Kidz (A.S.K.)ASK

A.S.K. understands the struggles of families of children with special needs and they seek to serve the needs of these families through advocacy, providing resources, and many other avenues to ensure all individuals have the best quality of life possible.


Beyond Special EducationBeyond Special Education

A former special educator provides resources to guide parents and guardians through the special education process to make sure they are making the right decision for their child.



Bloom was created by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to combine the knowledge of professionals and parents of children with disabilities.


The Caregiver SpaceCaregiver Space

The Caregiver Space is a special online support community where caregivers can vent, ask questions, and be there for one another.


Reading RocketsReading Rockets

Reading Rockets brings proven research and helpful information to parents and instructors to help children become confident readers. Their website contains lots of great information about reading strategies for children with special needs.


Special Needs Parents AssociationSpecial Needs Parents Association

The Special Needs Parents Association was established to represent the views of all parents of persons with special needs and disabilities, regardless of their diagnosis or age.


Hopeful ParentsHopeful Paretns

Hopeful Parents is a grassroots organization where parents of children with special needs can connect and share their journeys.


Exceptional Parent MagazineExceptional Parent

Exceptional Parent Magazine’s mission is to develop, translate, and share information as tools for positive change for the special needs community.


MyChild at CerebralPalsy.comMyChild

MyChild is a comprehensive website designed as a one-stop destination for information, tips, resources, encouragement and inspiration to individuals touched by Cerebral Palsy.


Sensory Processing DisorderSensory Processing Disorder

This websites covers everything you need to know about Sensory Processing Disorder.


Raising a Sensory Smart ChildRaising a Sensory Smart Child

This website accompanies the books, Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues and Raising a Sensory Smart Child, and provides lots of valuable information for parents of children with sensory processing disorder through articles, podcasts, and workshops. Don’t miss their many free downloadable articles, checklists, podcasts, videos, and more!




This site provides help with over 350 fact sheets of autism-related information, with an emphasis on practical strategies, for families who cannot afford the more expensive interventions, or may be geographically isolated and cannot access autism support services.


Learning Disabilities Association of AmericaLDA

LDA’s mission is to create opportunities for success for all individuals affected by learning disabilities and to reduce the incidence of learning disabilities in future generations.


Pacer CenterPacer Center

PACER Center enhances the quality of life and expands opportunities for children, youth, and young adults with all disabilities and their families so each person can reach his or her highest potential. PACER operates on the principles of parents helping parents, supporting families, promoting a safe environment for all children, and working in collaboration with others.


The MORGAN ProjectThe Morgan Project

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project is a national, community-based organization of volunteers dedicated to promoting awareness and facilitating support of parents caring for their children with special health care needs, thereby enhancing the Quality-of-Life for these special families.


Federation for Children with Special NeedsFederation for Children with Special Needs

The Federation for Children with Special Needs provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners, and their communities.


Family VoicesFamily Voices

Family Voices aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities. They provide families resources and support to make informed decisions, advocate for improved public and private policies, build partnerships among families and professionals, and serve as a trusted resource on health care.


Council for Exceptional ChildrenCouncil for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC provides a lot of quality information for parents and educators on their website.


National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)NDSS

The mission of the National Down Syndrome Society is to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Their website provides a wealth of information for parents of children with down syndrome.


Closing the GapClosing the Gap

Closing the Gap was started by the parents of a child with a disability. After realizing the role technology would play in their child’s life, they made it their mission to share the information and possibilities with others. Today, Closing the Gap still provides the latest information and news in the assistive technology industry.


Disabled Sports USADisabled Sports USA

Disabled Sports USA’s mission is to provide national leadership and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports, recreation and educational programs. Their website provides everything a parent needs to know about getting involved in disabled sports.


The Life UnexpectedThe Life Unexpected

The Life Unexpected is the ultimate survival guide for parents and educators who are navigating the muddy waters of raising special needs children. Marianne Russo, the creator of The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network, takes readers from that first step of accepting the reality of your new life to the true meaning of advocacy, empowerment and hope.


Parenting Children with Special Needs (PCWSN)PCWSN

The mission of PCWSN is to empower parents of children with special needs by providing communication, information, general knowledge, understanding, encouragement, support and guides to services that are available.


Makoa – disABILITY Information and ResourcesMakoa

This website was created by Jim Lubin, who is a C2 quadriplegic, and provides lots of useful information from product recommendations to book reviews.


Washington State Father’s NetworkWashington State Father's Network (2)

The Washington State Fathers Network (WSFN) connects men with other dads, resources, information and education, plus opportunities for “all family” celebrations. Focus is on assisting fathers as they become more competent and compassionate caregivers for their children with special needs.


Kids Together, Inc.Kids Together Inc

The Goals of Kids Together, Inc. include a desire to remove barriers that exclude people with disabilities. We support the belief that children with disabilities, like all children, have the need to be welcomed, cherished and embraced in our communities.


Asperger’s Disorder HomepageAsperger's Disorder Homepage

The Asperger’s Disorder Homepage goal is to provide you with the most basic, important and useful information about Asperger’s Disorder, while connecting you with the best resources out there.


Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association (AHA)AHA

AHA serves individuals on the autism spectrum, their families, and the professionals who work with them, providing crucial resources and support as they face challenges, build on their strengths and fulfill their potential. AHA helps families and individuals become more informed self-advocates. Our programs encourage awareness and acceptance.


The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support / MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger Syndrome (OASIS @ MAAP)OASIS at MAAP

OASIS @ MAAP is a single resource for families, individuals, and medical professionals who deal with the challenges of Asperger Syndrome, Autism, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder/ Not Otherwise Specified (PDD/NOS).



Autism SocietyAutism SD

The Autism Society’s Mission is to provide information, support and encouragement to those families and individuals dealing with an Autistic, Asperger’s Or Pervasive Development Disorder.


Sensory Processing Disorder NowSPD UniversitySPD Foundation

This website offers a wealth of information at the SPD Foundation section of the website, as well as an online learning center for parents at the SPD University section of the website.



Sensory Processing Disorder SupportSPD Support

PD Support, formerly known as SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E., is an International network of volunteer Support Hosts formed in order to share information, resources, awareness and support to families that are affected by Sensory Processing Disorder.


Selective Mutism GroupSelective Mutism Group

SMG, part of the Childhood Anxiety Network, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, resources and support to those impacted by a child with the anxiety disorder known as Selective Mutism (SM).


First SignsFirst Signs

First Signs mission is to ensure the best developmental outcome for every child by promoting awareness regarding the most important and often overlooked aspects of development: social, emotional, and communication.



Disability.Blog, the official blog of Disability.gov, features weekly posts from subject matter experts who address important topics for people with disabilities, their families and others.


The Developmental Disability News BlogDD News Blog

The DD News Blog provides news, information, and commentary for families and friends of people with developmental disabilities.



United Spinal AssociationUnited Spinal Association

United Spinal Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all people living with a spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D). They provide support and information to people with a Spinal Cord Injury, their loved ones, care providers and professionals.



Possibilities is a financial resources for parents of children with disabilities to help them manage their finances and plan for the future.


Autism WebAutism Web

Autism Web is full of tips for parents and teachers of children with Autism.



KidsHealth provides easy to understand information about all aspects of children’s health, behavior, and development.


Healthy ChildrenHealthy Children

HealthyChildren.org is the official parenting website of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and is the ONLY parenting website backed by 66,000 pediatricians. Whether you’re looking for general information related to infant, child, and adolescent health or for more specific guidance on parenting issues, you’ll find it at HealthyChildren.org.


What to ExpectWhat to Expect

Like the best-selling book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this site is provides reliable information about pregnancy and parenting and has fostered a close-knit online community of parents.


Empowering ParentsEmpowering Parents

Empowering Parents provides judgment free parenting advice for those dealing with behavior issues in their children.


Today’s ParentToday's Parent

Today’s Parent provides information ranging from getting pregnant to parenting toddlers.


Special & DeterminedSpecial and Determined

A mother of two, including as on with down syndrome, shares her everyday life while offering encouragement and support to other parents of children with special needs.


Parenting Isn’t Pretty
Parenting Isn't Pretty

An adoptive mother of two children with special needs shares humor and help for parents of children with special needs.


Love That MaxLove that MAx

A blog by parents of children with special needs for parents of children with special needs.



Special Needs MomSpecial Needs Mom

A mother of a child with special needs shares her story, taking it one day at a time.



Finding NineeFinding Ninee

A mom offers support through humor and her personal story raising a son in “The Middle World” as she calls it, “raising a child who is not typical, but does not have an official diagnosis.”


Embracing the Spectrum

Embracing the Spectrum

A special education teacher and mother of a child with autism writes about her life to support and encourage other families with individuals with special needs.



Sonya’s StorySonya's Story

A mother blogs about her journey raising a daughter with CDKL5 to inspire other mothers of children with special needs.



Now is the Winter of Our DiscontentNow is the Winter of our Discontent

A single mother raising a son with cystic fibrosis writes about her journey.



The Stay at Home SopranoThe Stay at Home Soprano

A former opera singer and mother of 3, the oldest with severe Autism and ADHD, blogs about her life.



Developmental DelaysDevelopmental Delays

A mother blogs about raising her son with Autism and developmental delays.



All About Boog
All About Boog (2)

A mother writes all about her son Boog, who is on the Autism Spectrum.




The Adventures of “But Mom”The Adventurse of But Mom

The parents of two children with special needs started this blog to connect with other parents for support.



Embracing MotherhoodEmbracing Motherhood

A mother of 4, two of which are on the Autism Spectrum, shares her journey.



Shut Up About Your Perfect KidShut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Two moms of children with special needs share their parenting experiences in a humorous way.



Meriah NicholsMeriah Nichols

A mother with disabilities raising 3 children, including a daughter with down syndrome, shares her journey through life.


Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining SaneRaising 5 Kids with Disabilities

A mother blogs about raising 5 kids with disabilities to share her experience.



Autism and OughtismsAutism and Oughtisms

A refreshingly relatable blog from the mother of a child with special needs.


Joseph’s Amazing Spectrum CoatJoseph’s Amazing Spectrum Coat

A Mom’s honest journey about raising her son with Autism.


Mom – Not Otherwise Specified (MOM-NOS)MOMNOS

A Mother chronicles raising her son with Autism, since diagnosis in 2005.



Confessions of an Aspergers MomConfessions of an Aspergers Mom

A Mom’s down-to-earth account of raising her son with Asperger’s Syndrome.



Made of GrayMade of Gray

A Mother of a child with a rare birth defect has created an inspiring and artistic space for parents of children with special needs.



This Is No Ordinary KidThis is No Ordinary Kid

A mom shares her journey raising her son who is disabled after developing Pneumococcal Meningitis at five and a half months of age.



Fighting Monsters with Rubber SwordsFighting Monsters

A father shares his gripping journey about raising his daughter with a rare neurological condition that left her unable to speak.



Chasing RainbowsChasing Rainbows

A mother shares her honest journey through miscarriage, a stillbirth, and raising her two sons, one of which has a disability.


The One in a Million BabyOne in a Million Baby

A mother of a “One in Million Baby,” who was diagnosed with a rare syndrome and died in infancy from complications, honors her journey and other parent’s journey’s with their “One in a Million” children.


Lemon Lime AdventuresLemon Lime Adventures

A mother writes about her real life as an educator and mother, covering topics from homeschooling to sensory processing disorder. Her “Sensory Play” blog section is a great resource for those that love DIY projects.